Explore Web3 with the New, Disruptive Docu-series: The Blockchain Life

Insight TV & MContent Premieres New Series Revealing the Rise of Blockchain Tech, Crypto, NFT’s, and Decentralization.

(15th November 2022 – Amsterdam) Insight TV, a leading millennial and gen-z global broadcaster, distributor and channel operator, today announces Blockchain Life (7 x 25’), a pioneering docu-series co-produced with MContent and Villain Studios that explores this booming new technical revolution. Set to launch on Insight TV’s global network of channels in December 2022, The Blockchain Life is a seven part series covering NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens), the Metaverse, Crypto, and Decentralised finance. 

Recent events such as El Salvador making 'Bitcoin' a legal tender and NFT’s selling in Sotheby’s are evidence of the new Web3 revolution. The Blockchain Life uncovers the real stories behind the pioneers leading this new technological world, and the series explores how industries, nations, and people around the world are being redefined. 

The Blockchain Life sheds light on the recent SEC vs Ripple saga, the use of blockchain in gaming technology, and the future of the Metaverse. According to Mark Zuckerberg, who changed Facebook’s name into Meta, it is “the next frontier” of the internet, and analysts describe it as a virtual universe that blends aspects of digital technologies including video-conferencing, games like Minecraft or Roblox, cryptocurrencies, email, virtual reality, social media and live streaming. 

Insight TV’s The Blockchain Life is co-produced with MContent and Villain Studios and will premiere in December 2022 across Insight TV’s network of global channels available on over 175 platforms in 54 countries. 


Michael O’Connor - VP of Production, Insight TV.

We’re thrilled to partner with MContent and Villain Studios on this project. MContent’s innovative content ecosystem and unique perspective is very exciting to be a part of. With The Blockchain Life, the great team at Villain Studios have produced an exploration of cryptocurrencies which we believe our audience will find fascinating.

Phil McKenzie Chief Content Officer - MContent, says:

MContent are focused on producing, commissioning and acquiring premium documentary series and features that resonate with Gen Z. With this in mind Villain were the perfect creative partners to bring this fun and insightful series together. Thank you to our friends at Insight TV who made the whole finance and commissioning process quick and easy. We look forward to continuing our relationship with both in the coming months and years.






Darren Newman

Darren Newman

Global Marketing & Communications, Insight TV


Episode Guide:

Episode - 01. El Salvador VS The World Bank 

El Salvador has become the first country in the world to make cryptocurrency Bitcoin a legal tender. The administration adopted bitcoin as an official currency, running in parallel with the U.S. dollar. Financial institutions like the World Bank and IMF, however, are worried that this step could destabilize financial markets everywhere.

Episode - 02. The NFT Phenomenon

The popularity of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, exploded in popularity last year. A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a unique, irreplaceable identifier created by an algorithm: a distinct barcode for a digital piece of art or collectible, made possible by blockchain technology. Memes of apes, cats and penguins are bought at high prices so that their owners can be part of online NFT-communities. And they are especially booming in the art world, where digital art in the form of NFTs is becoming more and more popular among crypto-enthusiasts and artists alike. 

Episode - 03. The Mystery of the Metaverse

In the metaverse, people from all over the world will use avatars to interact with digital assets and even physical objects via augmented reality. As many companies are trying to get a piece of this metaverse, there are still a lot of challenges ahead, such as how to make sure that all these different platforms are compatible with one another.

Episode - 04. Unecxpected Rise of Cryptocurrency Exchange 

See the world’s largest crypto-exchange, generating at least $20 billion of revenue in 2021, almost triple what analysts expect Coinbase to collect for the same year. 

Episode - 05. Blockchange

Gaming has been at the forefront of blockchain technology, but recently another interesting development has been taking place in the space: in low - income countries playing crypto -games has become a way for many to earn their income. Especially in the Philippines, people who have lost their jobs during the Covid pandemic have turned to the play -to -earn economy. Here, whole communities now spend entire days on their phones playing with Pokemon -like figures in the blockchain game ‘Axie Infinity’.

Episode - 06. The Alternate Economy in Nigeria

The crypto market in Nigeria is booming. Estimates show that of the top 10 countries for trading volumes, Nigeria ranked third place after the US and Russia in 2020. As unemployment levels in the country are rising and Nigeria’s currency faces devaluation, crypto trading has become especially popular among young Nigerians looking for better opportunities. There has been a rise of fintech start-ups and cryptoplatforms, making the country an interesting place for investors.

Episode - 07. Ripple VS SEC Saga

On December 22nd 2020, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] filed a case against the company called Ripple Labs for the sale of a digital asset called XRP, claiming that all sales are unregistered securities issued by the company Ripple. Shortly after, the price of XRP, the 3rd biggest cryptocurrency at the time, collapsed.





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