Insight TV Boost Their Digital Offerings For INTROUBLE Rebrand, Acquiring Over 3.1 Million Followers

Senior Digital Director Daniel Lannon Led and Completed the Rebrand of the Acquired Xtreme Sports Social Media Channels to INTROUBLE to fit with Company Branding.

(Amsterdam, June 24th, 2022) Insight TV, the leading millennial-focused global channel operator and producer, today announces the completion of the rebranded INTROUBLE social media channels, previously the Xtreme action sports social media channels which were acquired from Webedia for an undisclosed sum. 

Recently appointed Senior Digital Director, Daniel Lannon, drove the INTROUBLE social media channels rebrand, boosting the Insight TV social network community by over 3,000,000 followers. In-line with Insight TV’s target demographic of 18–35, the INTROUBLE social media channels are available on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Since becoming INTROUBLE, the Digital and Social team has Increased monetized revenue by 700%, driving over 100,000,000 views in the first 2 quarters of 2022.


INTROUBLE Social Media Channels Display
INTROUBLE Social Media Channels Display


Reporting to Graeme Stanley, Chief Commercial Officer Insight TV, Daniel will drive the development and growth of the company's social content and digital strategy via original social-led content productions, Insight TV series, and live event productions to be distributed across social, linear and FAST channels. With the rise of short-form content, there is a huge focus on TikTok for the remaining year, and into 2023. 

The rebranded social media channels allow Insight TV’s brand partners to tap into a broad network of creators and content, spanning across travel, action sports, nature, lifestyle, fashion, comedy and more with Insight TV’s distribution and production capabilities. Insight TV now has a global footprint which includes more than 120 platforms across 53 countries in 12 languages. 


Daniel Lannon, Senior Digital Director, Insight TV.
With social content rivaling traditional media consumption and rapidly overtaking the market I couldn't be more thrilled to lead the charge in social content production for Insight TV, starting with our successful INTROUBLE rebrand. I’d like to champion having a best-in-class team, as we continue to grow and expand our acquisition strategies, and partner with global brands to deliver social first content programming. With our expanded content offerings we'll be better positioned to deepen our connection with our growing community bridging the gap between social and linear channels.
Rian Bester, Chief Executive Officer, Insight TV.
"The acquisition of Xtreme is just the start, we are set to continue strengthening our social media position with more acquisitions planned ahead. The advantage of having a large social media following, is that we can take advantage of direct targeting and measuring tools and pass these advantages onto our brand sponsorship partners, where we can give them guaranteed returns. By offering a combination of social media exposure and broadcasting, with high production values, we will be a strong proposition for our sponsorship and brand partners. One of the key strategies will be, to create the interest and exposure on social media, to then lead viewers to the longform productions. We’re thrilled to welcome Daniel to the team, and we’re looking forward to Daniel leading this pivotal growth strategy.
Graeme Stanley, Chief Commercial Officer, Insight TV. ​
Facebook and YouTube channels enable us to rapidly grow our social media presence and accelerate our strategy to provide great content for our audiences, wherever they are - whenever they want it, to bolster our mission to be the world’s leading millennial and Gen Z targeted premium unscripted content provider” said Insight TV’s Chief Commercial Officer Graeme Stanley. “We’re delighted to have Daniel on the team to spearhead our social offering and growth.


Darren Newman

Darren Newman

Global Marketing & Communications, Insight TV

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