Celebrating Women Every Day

Meet Four Inspiring Women who Shape Insight TV's Vision

At Insight TV, headquartered in Amsterdam, diversity isn't just a buzzword—it's a fundamental that shapes our culture, fuels our creativity, and drives our success. With a presence on over 180 platforms across 56 countries in 12 languages, Insight TV's reach is truly global. Our global and diverse team (50 % Women) are committed to representing and inspiring audiences worldwide with exciting, real-life, unscripted content. In our commitment to equality, we celebrate the contributions of women every day, not just 8th March!

Women Leading the Way

As we celebrate International Women's Day and beyond, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable women who are integral to Insight TV's success. Meet some of the inspiring women who shape our vision, drive our initiatives, and embody the spirit of diversity and inclusion:

Natalie Boot, Global VP of FAST, INSIGHT TV
Hailing from our home in the Netherlands, Natalie has been a cornerstone of Insight TV since its inception.

I spearheaded the early adoption of FAST at Insight TV and launched our first FAST channel with Samsung TV over 5 years ago. Now, I manage a portfolio of 6 global channels and partnerships with major platforms worldwide. ​

Memorable Achievement: My early adoption of FAST for INSIGHT TV and multiple channel launches marked a transformative journey in content distribution. From dynamic scheduling to INSIGHT TV FAST ORIGINALS, I've seen the opportunities for women in shaping the future of content distribution.

Sarah Reed, Director of Channels & Programming, INSIGHT TV
Originally from the UK and now residing in the Netherlands, Sarah brings a wealth of experience and creativity to Insight TV.

As Director of Channels & Programming for Insight, I oversee our diverse programming lineup, ensuring it resonates with our global audiences. I've been inspired by my love for storytelling and showcasing impactful content.

Memorable Achievement: Launching our new travel channel, INTRAVEL, stands out as an exciting achievement in my career. This channel provides a platform for a variety of stories from across the world, and features a number of strong women such as Darley Newman, Lauren Camilleri, and Lisa Jacobs.

Lorraine Candlish, HR Director, INSIGHT TV
With a background in the UK and a wealth of experience gained from her tenure at ITV, Lorraine brings a unique perspective to her role as HR Director at Insight TV.

I'm proud to be Insight TV's HR Director as I value our people. ​ I aim foster a supportive and inclusive work environment where individuals can thrive. My passion for positive workplace cultures and supporting employee growth led me to this career path.

Memorable Achievement: Transforming our HR function that was not fit for purpose in our start-up phase, into a function that is now legally compliant and equipped to support the business. ​ There are always improvements to be made and we continue to build.

Jennie Vazquez, Creative Lead, INSIGHT TV

Hailing from Venezuela, Jennie brings a rich tapestry of creativity and innovation to Insight TV.

As Insight TV's Creative Lead, I set the creative vision for the Insight brand, planing and supervising creative projects, including productions and marketing campaigns. My passion for storytelling and visual arts led me to pursue a career in the TV industry.

Memorable Achievement: Leading the creative direction of the INTRAVEL channel launch campaign that resonated globally. It highlights the power of creativity to inspire change and the opportunities for women in the TV industry to make a meaningful impact.

A Commitment to Equality, Our Content Says it All!

At Insight TV, our dedication to equality extends beyond International Women's Day, as we proudly showcase female-led content year-round, featuring series like Breakthrough: Women Changing The Game, Travels with Darley, Ultimate Goal S1&2, Paradise Kitchen Bali, My Van Life, and Car Crews with Supercar Blondie. Our programming reflects the diverse voices and stories that resonate with audiences globally, and we're proud to create promotions and themes that amplify this, like Build Up To The Cup for the Women's World Cup, Women's History Month, and Women Make Science for this years International Day of Girls and Women in Science.

At Insight TV, we celebrate the contributions of women every day, recognising that diversity is not just a goal to achieve but a journey to embrace. We will continue to champion inclusivity and representation at Insight TV, empowering women in the ever-evolving landscape of television.

Inspire Equality - Women’s Day 2024 promo, Insight TV

This year we're inspiring equality across our channels and will feature shows like the groundbreaking sports documentary - Breakthrough: Women Changing the Game, as well as other female led/featured content.

Breakthrough: Women Changing the Game

Breakthrough features Natalie Decker, NASCAR 🏁, Hollie Doyle, Horse Racing 🐎, Emily Linscott, Formula 4 🏎, ​ and Leilani Caamal, American Football 🏈.

Join us as we celebrate the women who inspire us, challenge us, and drive us to do our best!


Darren Newman

Darren Newman

Global Marketing & Communications, Insight TV


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